What’s so great about Universal Studios? Islands of Adventure 3

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What’s so great about Universal Studios? Islands of Adventure 3

The Marvel Super Hero Island area of Islands of Adventure is amazing and we come to what has to be one of the best if not the best rides in the whole of the theme park, The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man which is now in Hi Definition 3D .

The Villains of the sinister syndicate have stolen the statue of liberty and it’s all up to you and spider man to foil the villains, the original ride was not in Hi Definition but was still superb with lots of action in the news rover you are “thrown” into the action. If you don’t like rides with lots of fast sharp movements then maybe this ride is not for you part of it feels almost like a roller coaster but in reality it’s just a huge video screen and your news rover just recreates the movements of a roller coaster. This has always been one of our favourite rides of the Islands of Adventure if not the whole of the Universal Studious and it can get very busy at popular vacation times throughout the summer and so it pays to choose your times to visit this ride carefully or to arrive early and get you fast pass for it first thing.

So we now leave Marvel Super Hero Island and enter Toon Lagoon, the clue to this part of the park is in the name Lagoon, all of the rides in this area are water related and it’s a great place to visit on a really hot sunny day especially if the kids are getting too hot
The first ride you come across is Dudley Do Rights Rip Saw Falls, now if you like a watersplash ride then you will love this, the first time my wife and I went on this ride she had no idea quite how high or how fast or how far the final drop to the water splash is the look on her face was brilliant (sufficed to say she has not been on the ride since, as she does not like big drops). But don’t let this put you off this is a really great water splash ride, you have to help the bumbling hero Canadian Mountie Dudley Do Right rescue Nell from her capture in the saw mill, from the scoundrel Snidely Whiplash .

The journey up to the top of ripsaw falls is filled with puns and jokes to make you laugh and smile throughout, before the final VERY fast and steep 75 feet drop to below ground level to the dynamite shack , oh and be warned your will Get wet!

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