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Epcot a theme park for adults and children Part1

Epcot has to be my favourite park out of all the Disney Florida parks, although Magic kingdom has that something magical making it a special place, the park I like visiting best is Epcot

I can remember the day when this special park opened the iconic mother ship earth or the Golf ball as many people remember it was shown on John Cravens Newsround , it was portrayed as a futuristic almost space travel like park I can remember thinking how exciting it looked

For those of you that have never been to Epcot your view as you approach from the car park is dominated by a huge dome that does look like a golf ball from a distance its only as you get closer you start to realise the size of this structure it is indeed huge

I would recommend that you make time to visit Spaceship earth at least once on your visit in fact we often visit it twice in one day it is a truly great and entertaining ride in my vie , the ride is a very good illustration of communications throughout civilisation from prehistoric times through to the modern day
The ride entail you seating in a omnirover that then climbs slowly to the top of spaceship earth there are lots of audio visuals and use of animatronics with a superb narration from Dame Judy Dench, the ride is nine minutes in total and in the short time it does a great job of explaining how communication has developed

Some of the visuals are very good indeed and once you get to the very top of the dome you will be treated to an amazing site of the universe, with all the stars glowing this really is a great moment and the kids will be totally amazed by it without a doubt

When I originally visited it many years ago some of the methods of communications that were shown that had not been invented the internet was only in its infancy not many people had it and such as video conferencing nearly everyone in western society is connected to the internet and has heard or used Skype

Obviously when it was first built it must have be very visionary I know that Ray Bradbury a very well know Science fiction writer and big Disney fan had a hand in design the dome and helped to write the original story of the ride

Spaceship Earth truly is one of the best if not the best ride in all of the Florida Disney Parks

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