Falcons Fury Ride at Busch Gardens.

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Busch Gardens is a lovely family friendly theme park which is situated 8 miles north east of Tampa and around an hour from your theme park area villa or vacation rental home.

It has a fantastic mix of what all the other theme parks have to offer with animal experiences, shows and water rides. However, the thing that stands out for me at Busch is the amount and variety of thrill rides. But are they resting back on their laurels? no they are not.

Busch Gardens announces the creation of a new the thrill ride that will surpass anything else of its like in the whole of North America. It is set to open officially on 1 May 2014. The name of this new ride is Falcons Fury and they have taken their inspiration from this regal bird that can plunge to earth at 200 miles an hour. And there by lies a clue to just what might be in store for the brave riders. This ride will drop you at a stomach departing 60 miles per hour (3. 5 g) But is that it that? not at all! you will not be sitting up for this ride, at the start of your experience you are rotated 90 degrees until you are on your stomach about to plunge like a bird - yikes!

This ride will be 335 feet tall and the drop takes 5 seconds which I believe will seem like a very long time if you are feeling terrified! Falcons Fury will be located in the area known as Timbuktoo and it is replacing the children's ride called Busch Flyer and Sandstorm which has been in Busch Gardens since 1979.

By the way, Falcons Fury's nearest rival must be Doctor Dreads Free Fall at Islands of Adventure and I looked up the height of this ride. Well, it is about 150 feet which is under half of the new ride. Indeed, Busch had to get special Government permissions before starting building and will have to put red lights on the top to warn aircraft.

I am in two minds as to whether I am brave enough to try this ride but for sure I will want to see it. Certainly, it will be the nearest thing to flying like a bird I will ever experience if I can summon up the courage. If you are a fearless thrill seeker though this sounds just the ticket and well worth heading over to Busch Gardens for

The ride is due to open in the spring of 2014 the 1st of May 2014 appears to be the official opening date but best double check this date.

Busch Gardens
10165 Mc Kinley Drive

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