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One of the most frequent questions potential guests often ask villa owners is, ' How far is it to Disney? ' Some first time guests have even been known to ask if a property is within walking distance of Disney! This is a huge generalization and a difficult question to answer accurately.

The question is tantamount to asking someone living in say, Windsor, ' How far is it to London? ' Their answer would probably quote a distance to the outskirts of West London (their nearest point) which would be totally different to the distance to say, the O2 arena in east London. The answer depends on your exact destination.

Walt Disney World covers an area of approximately forty three square miles, about the size of San Francisco. It is home to twenty seven Disney Resort Hotels, nine non Disney Hotels, four theme parks, two water parks and four golf courses. It' s massive! Your traveling distance to Walt Disney World will be dependent on where exactly you are traveling from and to. Walt Disney World property can be accessed from the 192, the 535, interstate 4, Florida Greeneway (417) Sherberth road and the Western Beltway (429). The distance to, for example, Animal Kingdom will be far nearer when traveling from properties situated at the western end of 192 than those situated at the eastern end, these properties will probably be closer to Disney' s Hollywood Studios and Epcot. Both sets of owners however, may quote the same distance to Walt Disney World as they are, quite correctly, quoting the distance to closest Disney property.

Owners will usually direct their guests to Disney via the shortest route or they may offer several routes depending on their final destination and the time of day they are traveling. If you want a really accurate answer then be specific about where you are traveling to, owners don' t mind answering these queries. Some days you will have a further traveling distance than others. It is also important to remember that the same journey may take longer at different times of the day. It is particularly busy during the rush hour commute and when the parks close.

One thing is for sure, you will know exactly when you have reached Walt Disney World property boundaries as the road surface improves tremendously and all the road signs are purple!

Just a quick comment about traveling to Universal Studios and Seaworld, owners are able to be far more accurate about these distances as in general they have only one main entrance.

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