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Even if you have never been to see this show if you have ever visited Hollywood Studios you will surely have heard it!

The show, which is located in Echo Lake, is a 35-minute live show that features daring stunts and thrilling special effects. You can relive favourite Indiana Jones moments from Raiders of the Lost Ark and you will learn just how they did it. If you are brave or perhaps foolish enough, you may even get the chance to participate in the action onstage too.

This is a fastpass attraction and we always get these, which allows us early entry and good seating. However very often although the queues seem very long most people are eventually fitted in but they may not always get the best views.

We often spend the time waiting for our fastpass slot to have a snack. If this area you will find the Backlot Express counter service restaurant which sells burgers and sandwiches. The girls often have an ice cream from the giant dinosaur that houses Dinosaur Gertie's Ice Cream of Extinction.

You are allowed to enter the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular theatre approximately 20 minutes before show time. While waiting, you are often entertained by a live performer. We have seen Rosie, a loud-mouthed but hilarious cleaning lady, and Francis, a plumber, who interact with audience members.

A few minutes before the show begins, the show's "casting director" gives a brief overview of the upcoming show and auditions several adult guests to serve as extras in the sequences to follow. When you enter the show to have the best chance of being chosen as an extra sit near the front of the theatre and show lots of enthusiasm.

Children and maybe even some adults who are frightened of loud noises should sit further away from the main stage area, as some of the effects and explosions are ear splitting.

The show starts with an Indiana Jones look-alike acting a climactic scene from the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, complete with a 12-foot tall rolling boulder, weighing 440 pounds, chasing him down a narrow path. He is seemingly overtaken and crushed by the boulder, only to reappear moments later as the set is being deconstructed and the director explains to the audience what's going on.

The extras (who must be over 18 years old) chosen from the audience are part of the following Cairo street scene and, after a series of explosions and realistically swashbuckling fight scenes, the show concludes with even larger and louder explosions, pyrotechnics whose heat can be felt even in the audience.

If you are an Indiana Jones fan there are two shops that sell Indiana Jones-related merchandise adjacent to the Stunt Spectacular theatre. These are The Indy Truck and the much larger Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost. Both shops sell Indiana Jones movie memorabilia, hats, jackets, rubber snakes, t-shirts, etc.

This is one of our favourite Disney shows I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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