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Tomorrowland Indy Speedway is located just before you reach Space Mountain and is home to about one hundred and fifty racing cars. This was one of the original Walt Disney World attractions when it opened in Magic Kingdom in 1971

I know most boys like to get behind the wheel of one of these cars but we were surprised when our girls expressed an interest in driving. There is a height requirement and they had to be 52" minimum to drive alone, this really to make sure they are tall enough to be able to reach the pedal of these gas powered cars. However shorter children may be passengers, so our youngest went with Granddad in his car.

The queue is usually very long and in an unshaded area, so it may be a good idea to bring a bottle of water with you as you wait for your turn around the Speedway.

As you queue you are directed past replicas of Indianapolis 500-style racing cars. Along the way to the loading area, you will see a history of Indy racing displayed in photos. There are images of the Yard of Bricks, the Scoring and Timing Pylon and Gasoline Alley.

At the loading area you will see panels of the three annual Indianapolis Motor Speedway races -- the Indianapolis 500, the Brickyard 400 and the United States Grand Prix at Indianapolis. Other panels display races around the moon, Saturn and other outer space destinations.

Special Indy Speedway features include an engine governor, belt restraints and shock absorbent bumpers.

You will be strapped into your cars and travel along the 4/10 mile track at 7 miles per hour, with banks and turns, while you hear the voice of world famous announcer Tom Carnegie from sound speakers positioned around the track.

It takes about five minutes to go around the circuit and as you cross finish line, the chequered flag is waved and you arrive in Victory Circle. This area is marked by the Indianapolis 500 logo and the display of a winning racing car. My mother watched the racing from an observation bridge, but you could also see it from outside the attraction along the route.

Outside the Speedway you will find a Racing Specialties Cart that sells assorted racing miniature cars, clothing and hats.

After our ride we went to Cosmic Rays Starlight café that is situated opposite the Speedway. Here we all enjoyed a Chicken and BBQ Rib Combination with mashed potatoes before heading back to the villa.

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