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Tomorrowland is my Mothers favourite part of Magic Kingdom and takes up most of the eastern section of the Park. Disney say they have designed it in the hope it “offers new frontiers in science, adventure and ideals. . . the challenge of outer space, and the hope of a peaceful and unified world. "

There are three Fastpass rides here, Buzz Lightyear, Stitch’s Great Escape and Space Mountain. We do not always get a Fastpass for Stitch as sometimes the queues are not too long and of all the rides it is our least favourite appearing to be over very quickly.

Whilst we wait for our Fastpass time for Buzz Lightyear we head for the Carousel of Progress. For those of you spotting Hidden Mickeys be sure to pay attention to the final scene, as there are four Hidden Mickeys. Mickey appears as a nutcracker on the fireplace mantle, peeking from a present, a peppermill, and a painting on the dining room wall.

Through a rotating carousel theatre, this attraction carries seated guests into the homes of four generations of the same family from the days before electricity to the present day. My Mother has been known to go on this ride more than once during a visit if the queue is quite short!

Onto Buzz Lightyear, which is a great interactive ride that is fun for the whole family. The entrance to Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin is opposite the Tomorrowland Transit Authority.

You become one of Buzz Lightyear's Junior Space Rangers and enter into battle with the evil Emperor Zurg. Your aim is to stop Zurg from stealing the batteries and you will spend the next 5 minutes battling huge robots.

To save the universe and become a Space Ranger you must collect points. You will need to find the orange coloured Emperor Zurg insignias (lightning bolt-type Z's), target them with your laser cannons and fire. You'll know if you successfully hit the target by your score on the dashboard.

You will need to aim for targets far away for the most points. Things that are moving are worth more points than things that are stationary, and things that are down low, at hard-to-reach angles are also worth more. A clue, the top of the volcano is worth 100, 000 points and it will erupt when you hit it!

Whist we wait for our Fastpass time for Space Mountain we usually go to the Tomorrowland Transit Authority and take a 10-minute journey around and through Tomorrowland. To reach the loading platform you will step onto a moving conveyor belt that is at a steep incline. The loading platform moves at the same speed as the vehicles, so you can step inside easily. Each vehicle can seat four persons, two riding forward and two riding backward. We find this a great way to see all of Tomorrowland and even have used it to shelter from heavy rain that can occasionally occur in Florida.

Onto Space Mountain and as you enter you find yourself in a dimly lit queue that seems to go on and on and on. As you near the Space Port you hear shrieks from the space travellers who are already on the ride. Eventually, you'll reach the loading platform, and will board six-passenger rockets, seated single-file, for your journey into space.

Slowly your vehicle makes its way into a tunnel of strobe lights and colours. You are then thrust into the darkness of space via a roller coaster that dips and swerves through the galaxy, past shooting stars and glowing planets.

This really is a very fast, bone-rattling roller coaster in the dark. Some children really love this ride and but others are very scared.

If you get time be sure to have a ride on the Indy Speedway before you leave Tomorrowland. Here riders are strapped into their cars and travel along the track, with banks and turns, while hearing the calls of the famous announcer Tom Carnegie from sound speakers positioned around the track. As you cross finish line, the flag is waved and you arrive in Victory Circle. My Mother and Father usually just watch the racing from the observation bridge.

Enjoy Tomorrowland, it is an area of Magic Kingdom that I think you will find you can spend quite a long time in.

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