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There are several ways to make sure your holiday in Orlando is happy, successful and above all safe.

First, make sure you have adequate insurance, if the worst happens and you fall ill or have an accident whilst you are on holiday, it will be very expensive to be in hospital anywhere in America.

If you have a mild illness or accident that requires medical attention, but does require an ambulance, then there are many walk in medical centres jotted around Orlando. These will cost very much less and will also be very much quicker than going to one of the big main hospitals. If you just require a doctors opinion, then your villa owners management company should be able to help with the name of a local doctor – after they live there and will have their own doctor.

On a less serious note – sunburn. You are in the tropics once you arrive in Florida and only a few miles from the Caribbean. The sun can be very dangerous and should not be taken lightly. From around March to September you are in danger of being burnt if you do not use adequate skin protection – minimum factor 15 and always wear a hat. You can even burn quite badly even if the sun is not out and it is over cast and cloudy. The sun is still there and can get through the clouds to burn you. I know this – it has happened to me! From September to March you will still need protection but only on sunny days.

If you favour the once a day application sun blocks like P25 or Ultrasun then you will need to take them with you from the United Kingdom as they do not sell them in the United States.

Next, traffic. If you drive please do be aware that you must wear seat belts at all times and you must report all accidents immediately whether anyone is hurt or not. You must always stop at “Stop” signs whether the road is clear or not – you will get booked if you are caught not stopping. They will not accept a “rolling stop”. NEVER jump traffic lights, there is far less time from going from red to green in the opposite direction and I have seen several crashes where two people coming to intersections have both jumped the lights and met in the middle.

When walking take great care when crossing the road. It is an offence to cross when the lights are against you whether there is anything coming or not. Most of the speed limits are 60 miles per hour so if you try and cross without care you will be hit VERY, VERY hard.

Water Parks. Always obey the lifeguards instructions, they are for your benefit. Never fool around in the parks as water and tom-foolery do not mix, or if they do the consequences can be dire.

Above all, enjoy yourself and take care.

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