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Please find to follow some fun facts about the Magic Kingdom, however please be warned - only read if you really want - it may give away some of the magic!

• The Magic Kingdom first opened on the 1st October 1971.

• It had been such a rush to finish the park that the cement in places was not dry on the opening day – this caused a problem for the ladies in stilettos.

• The Magic Kingdom can hold up to 100, 000 people.

• The Magic Kingdom is actually the second floor of the park; the first floor is a maze of 15’ walkways, offices, meeting rooms, etc between the lands. This was designed by Walt to stop members of lands been spotted in other lands (i. e. a spaceman from tomorrow land walking through Frontierland). These tunnels are also used by trash collectors and other maintenance staff. The walls of these tunnels are colour coded to help staff in the tunnels determine which land they are in.

• Main Streets’ Fire Station is names Fire Station No. 71 – reason – to show the year the Magic Kingdom opened!

• The majority of people are right handed, which veers people to walk to the right (believe it or not), therefore the side walks leading up to Cinderella’s castle and Tomorrow land are wider on the right hand side!

• If you are walking on Main Street you will notice names on the windows above the shops, these are names of the designers that helped Walt with the design of Disney. Walt’s name appears twice, once on the railway station (facing Cinderella's castle and the other above the ice-cream shop (two of his favourite things).

• Cinderella’s castle is only 180 feet tall, however using clever illusions it appears much taller. One such illusion is that the windows at the top are much smaller than the ones at the bottom making it look like they are further away.

• Contrary to popular believe there is an upstairs room in Cinderella’s castle. It is said that Walt had the idea of making this into an apartment for his family, however the idea was discarded and room is now used as a dressing room.

• The numbers of the clock on Cinderella’s castle are in roman numerals, however instead of using IV for the number 4 – it is written as IIII.

• In tomorrow land there is a talking trash can that moves around!

• If you are lucky enough to find a paintbrush on Tom Sawyers Island, hand it in to a cast member and they may reward you.

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