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Epcot’s newest attraction is, of course, Mission Space, an amazing simulator ride that really makes you feel as if you are taking off into space. I am not a ‘natural’ where scary rides are concerned, but this one is absolutely unmissable. You will experience some quite intense G-forces, and it can make you nauseous. but I can thoroughly recommend it, having been on it 4 times in one day! We were a little put-off at the entrance, as they do a good job of putting the ‘fear of god’ into you. Admittedly, they do get 30 people a day taken ill on this ride, and some even have to go to hospital, but it really wasn’t as scary as I expected. You DO experience G-forces, and the first time I was a little unsteady when I got off – and NO that wasn’t due to any medicinal shots of brandy beforehand!

The building itself is impressive, as is the Planetary Plaza at the attraction’s entrance. Here you will see large spheres symbolising Earth, the moon, Jupiter and Mars. On the plaza’s walls there are quotes from famous figures who epitomise the spirit of space travel. It looks particularly spectacular with the setting sun.

As with all the attractions you take part in an ‘experience’. You become one of a 4 man crew launching themselves into space on a journey to Mars. You are put into a space capsule with 4 people, and each of you is assigned a job – Pilot, Engineer, Navigator, Captain. You will have to perform a task, and steer the craft when, inevitably, things go wrong. As you settle yourself into the ‘capsule’ you know its going to be quite a bumpy ride as restraints comes down over your shoulders. A good tip is to make sure you look out of the porthole in front of you all the time, as this will stop you getting disorientated. As for the ride, well sensational is just one adjective to describe it.

As far as the mechanics of the ride are concerned, it is a simulator, and the capsules are spun at very high speed to generate the G-forces, but you are not aware of the spinning, you just feel its effects. As you sit back in your seat you see the gantry in front of you, then suddenly you experience the launch, shooting up the gantry into blue skies, through clouds and into space. You are pushed back into your seat and then you experience G-forces. I won’t spoil the rest of the fun, but needless to say, something goes wrong, and you must try to control the rocket through Martian canyons, which is thrilling.

Our only criticism is that it’s much too short – we were ready to do the return trip, but that’s when they show you to the door! Strangely enough it was not anything like as busy as Test-Track – which ran out of ‘fast-passes’ at lunchtime, and had queues of over an hour. This did mean that after our first ride we were able to get another fast-pass, and squeeze in 3 more trips to Mars.

DO remember to keep looking out of the window ALL the time, or you could feel very disorientated, and sick. Andrew and I went on it 4 times and enjoyed every minute, despite feeling very nervous the first time.  If you do suffer from motion sickness and still want to do the ride, then take a travel sickness tablet before you get on it. Strangely enough it was not as busy as Test Track. We think they do such a good job of scaring people that many give it a miss. If you are brave enough then don’t miss it. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced, and it is truly a spectacular experience.

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