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I must admit to liking my food and enjoy trying new culinary dishes from around the world be they hot and spicy, different textures or simply cooked by a different method.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said of my wife. Her stomach, to say the least, is a little temperamental and anything out of the ordinary is best avoided.

We had spent a lovely day at Epcot’s Food and Wine festival last year and it was during a chance conversation that we were recommended to Japan’s Mitsukoski restaurant situated on World Showcase Lagoon where they practice the culinary art of Teppan Edo, where the chef cooks your meal in front of you.

On this occasion, however, my wife couldn’t be persuaded but following our return to England we tried out a couple of Japanese restaurants with our friends, and although my wife chose some of the less adventurous dishes she was pleasantly surprised just how enjoyable the food was, and more importantly it seemed to agree with her.

So, fast forward to just a month ago and there we were, with two of our best friends in the waiting area of the Mitsukoshi restaurant waiting to be seated. The female cast members were dressed in fabulously embroidered kimonos and upheld a wonderful sense of national tradition and politeness in their attitude towards us.

We were seated around an oblong table for eight, with two people at each end and four along one side, so if you prefer to have a quiet meal on your own this probably isn’t the place for you. A party of four from Boston Massachusetts joined us and after the formal introductions had been completed we had a wonderful evening of conversation and laughter with them.

The menu, unremarkably, has a very Japanese feel to it with appetisers such as Miso Soup and entrees including Hotate, Nihonbashi and Ueno. These, however, are really no more than good quality steak, chicken and fish dishes and would appeal to just about anyone…including my wife, and the Kiri beer comes highly recommended

One half of the table top was devoted to a hot plate heated to 500 degrees and the unoccupied side was very much the domain of the Teppan chef and was bedecked with a selection of kitchen utensils, oils, herbs and condiments.

After informal introductions and some amazing juggling routines the chef cooked our meals to near perfection and everyone had a truly memorable time.

It was a new experience for my wife and I, but one we shall always treasure.

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