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We visited Aquatica for the first time in August, 2009, and we were very impressed with this, the latest water park in Orlando. Smaller than either of the two Disney water parks, Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach, it is beautifully landscaped and has a number of excellent rides. The children’s area, in particular, is very attractive, with lots of climbing and sliding and getting wet. I particularly enjoyed the ' Lazy River' ride which was warm and very relaxing - although there are various geysers to avoid if you don' t want to get even wetter!

In March 2010, Aquatica is adding its first new attraction since it opened nearly two years ago. Called Omaka Rocka it will feature moves which are said to be like skateboarders or BMX bikers. Riders will travel in two-seater tubes down two slides, which each have a set of three funnels. According to the Aquatica Vice-President, Rick Beddow, riders will ‘slide up one side and get a sensation of near weightlessness. ’ They will then come down that side and back up the other side, and Rick Beddows says that, whilst they will probably be going backwards, they will ‘most definitely’ be screaming!

The name, ‘Omaka Rocka’ translates into ‘rocking river’ and comes from the South Seas. If you are passing Aquatica by road you will probably be able to see the new tubes going up in early January in preparation for its opening. The ride will share a tower with the ‘Whanau Way’ slide. Brian Morrow, the director of design and engineering said that it had only been designed about a year ago, and was not on the original Aquatica plan. The ride has been designed to make wait times shorter, and will be for two people to experience together.

Parts of the ride will be enclosed in a new ‘semi-transparent’ fibreglass tubing, which will allow light to come through the slide. This will ensure that the ride will be bright and colourful on the enclosed sections, but it will also mean that anyone waiting underneath it will be able to see the riders moving around above them. Unlike several of the other Aquatica rides, this one will not begin in near darkness. The ride will have no height restrictions but they will have to maintain a proper riding position, which Beddow says will be ‘holding on both handles unassisted, similar to Whanau Way and Tassie’s Twisters.

It will be great to have a new ride to try out, and if it is anything like the other slides it will be a great experience.

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