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Kraken takes its name from a mythical sea creature and Seaworld has depicted this in the form of a large multi-coloured monster dragon eel, a distant relation of the moray eel. Next to Krakens viewing area is a cave where you can view incubating embryos in giant eggs.

If you like Roller coasters then you will love this one this one, it is smooth and fast and there is plenty of screaming and laughter. Kraken was Orlando' s tallest, fastest coaster when it was built but with so many new coasters I am not sure if it still holds this record.

It stands at around 150ft and reaches speeds of 65 miles per hour.

There are lockers near the entrance to this ride. It is advisable to put any loose articles away before riding Kraken.

If you have the courage to enter the serpent’s lair first look at the wait times which are posted at the entrance. Very early in the day or just before the park closes the queues are usually shorter for this ride.

As you make your way through the winding queue area and as you approach the loading station make sure you read the signs as there is a separate line for those of a fearless disposition that want to ride the front row. Once you make it to the loading station choose the row that you feel most comfortable with, or if you have no preference the one with the shortest queue. The two centre rows have larger seats for those with larger upper bodies.

You settle into a comfortable seat but the feeling of comfort suddenly disappears as the solid floor under your feet gives way to open track. With your feet now dangling and no overhead structure you suddenly feel very vulnerable and exposed.

Kraken is a relatively short ride just over three minutes but half of this time is taken up by the slow tortuous rise to the top. This first climb gives you the opportunity to get some wonderful views of the park, look carefully and you can see back stage of the Clyde and Seymore show. The trouble is lots of people have their eyes shut so miss these views!

Once at the top there is only one way back and that is down as you head for the ground at 65 miles per hour with your stomach churning as you turn upside down. After a spectacular ride the brakes finally come on!

To make sure you have not forgotten your terror a photo has been taken of you on the ride. This was taken on the right side of the coaster immediately after the first giant loop. As you exit the ride you will see several different screens displaying the photos. You get a choice of several photos sizes, key rings or my favourite a snowglobe. If you decide to buy your photo you may need to put it in a locker before joining the queue to ride Kracken again!

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