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Review of Aquatica – Seaworld’s water park

Whilst me, my sister, my Nanna and my mum were in Orlando America one of our theme park choices was Aquatica. Aquatica is just around the corner from Sea World. First we parked the car, it cost $12 for the full day. We entered the park through the turnstile and went off to explore.

As we wandered through the park we looked for a place to lie in the sun and leave our belongings. Then we got changed and stored our valuables in a locker that cost $10 for the day.

We found some sunbeds and chairs and placed our towels, shoes and bags on them. As we are all strong swimmers we didn’t bother with life jackets but there were plenty available in a range of sizes.

The first thing we went on was the Roa’s rapids which is a long river ride which swishes you around really quickly, in fact the current was so strong that when we decided to get off we couldn’t as we kept swishing past the exit! We stayed on there for a while until mum called us to get off. Then we went off for a wander and to sample the big slides…
There are lots of slides which you carry a big inflatable ring up to the top and then whizz down, but the rings are very big and there are lots of steps so we didn’t go on these too many times.

I loved the dolphin plunge slide, it is a clear tube which passes through a pool with black and white Commerson’s dolphins in it. My mum and Nanna loved standing on the bridge and watching me and my sister coming down the slide.

Every 20 minutes the large pool starts the wave machine, this pool sits next to a pretend beach with sand. The clock counts down and then the big waves start, we had lots of fun bobbing up and down in the waves!

For lunch we paid for unlimited visits to the Banana Beach Cookout, mum paid a set price and we could visit as many times as we wanted through the day. We loved the pulled pork and the watermelon.

In the afternoon Nanna had a lie in the sun and me, mum and Daisy went on the rapids again for a while and then tried some of the other slides, I liked the one where you whizzed down a big slide on a mat, like a race. Luckily there wasn’t many people there the day we visited so we didn’t have to queue for any of the slides. We had spent so much time in the water that we were very wrinkly.

As we were going out for a meal on the way home we showered and changed in the big, clean shower and changing rooms.

We loved Aquatica so much that we went back again the following week!

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