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One of Universal’s newest and badest rides (Rip Ride Rockit) was completed in the summer of 2009. The ride and the famous first drop now stand well above the famous Universal Studios entrance as one of the main stand out sights when you first walk up to the front gate.

The ride is based around a vertical up and down first drop and then a series of tight twists and turns and more big drops. At points along the track you are pulling in excess of 5g, all the time having your best music pumped out from the speakers behind your ears.

If you are visiting this ride in the peak season you should be aware it is now the parks most popular ride and as such can get very busy indeed. Queues of up to 2 hours are not unheard of for this ride. Queue as soon as the park opens and head straight for the ride. Yes the queues will still be long, but they won’t be longer than 25- 30 minutes. Leave it until mid-day and you are looking at well over an hour. Don’t worry as the queue does keep moving and you do feel to be getting closer to the start point. Unlike some rides where the queue never seems to go down!
While you are waiting in the queue you can at least look at the screens to decide which songs you would like to have playing while you ride. This is done via a key console on the front of your seat. All you do is type in the song and then lock it in. I always go for ZZ Top or some up tempo song as this gives the ride more edge. To load the vehicle you walk onto a long moving walkway and are then shown to your car. Each car has 3 rows of 2 people, so 12 people in total can ride per car. This is probably why the queue is so long.

If you have lots of loose change in your pocket now is probably the time to remove it or hold it tight. Once you hit the first vertical ‘up’ any loose change is suddenly jettisoned from your pockets and caught at the bottom in the charity bowl! Once up the top you don’t have any time to get your bearings as you are then dropped (almost vertical) into the first big loop. The car really does get up a head of steam at this point and as soon as you hit the first loop you really know how special this ride actually is. Unlike other rides you are not finished after the first drop and the ride twists, turns and drops again to really give you a reasonably long ride. Yes it is not the longest in Florida, but it packs in enough to warrant it being one of the best. Having the music really does make it that bit better.

Overall I would rate the Rip Ride Rockit at Universal Studios as one of my favourite rides in Orlando. Yes there are bigger and faster, but it does what it says on the tin and gives your senses a really good workout. A definite must when visiting Universal Studios.

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