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While you are enjoying staying in your lovely Florida home you are sure to visit a Publix for those essential supplies.

Publix are all nice supermarkets that are well laid out with a clean, fresh feel. They have everything you may need to eat and drink and most other sundries you can think of.

So how to make the most of your visit? Well, first make a list and take a pen(boring, I know, you are on holiday) If you rush there unprepared you are bound to forget a vital thing or two that someone will have to drive back for.

Then, as you enter the store pick up one of the free leaflets that tell you what this weeks special offers are.

This is when your pen comes into use; having established where the best deals are you may want to swap the pork steaks for chicken breasts or the oranges for melons.

Unlike most British supermarkets, the first goods you will find is the fresh bread section; stop here. American sliced bread is not to British tastes, too sweet and light.

You can get Cuban, Italian, Rye, wheat, seeded and so on. You will soon get to know what you like best. Also grab some fresh rolls for a picnic.

Next stop is cooked meats; so useful when you are on holiday for lunches on the deck. Cakes and pastries here; go on, spoil yourself.

Now we come to the fresh fruit and veg; a huge array. Buy lots of salads for easy bbqs.

Now the meat and fish counters for your dinner; again, study your leaflet to see what is the best value.

The cold cabinet has all your milk, yogurt, cheese and so on. I recommend sharp cheddar as the only one that suits the British taste. Bacon; oh dear, what can I say? Just grill it til it is crisp.

Seafood of all kinds is a good choice in Florida and makes an easy meal.

The freezers yield Americas best buy; premier ice cream is a fraction of the price charged in Britain and what a great range.

If someone in your party is craving marmite or Birds custard ask for the ' ethnic' aisle; yes really. Of course you will pay a premium price for your P. G. Tips and H. P. sauce but there you are!

The staff in Publix supermarkets are very plesant and helpful and the best thing is that many branches have some English newspapaers!

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