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Spider Man Ride at Universal Islands of Adventure

Up until very recently the Universal Spider Man ride was the most popular ride in the Islands of Adventure Park at Universal Studios until the new Harry Potter area was opened I would say that the rides in Harry Potter are now the most popular as it does get quite crowded at times.

All that said I still think the Spiderman ride is ones of the very best rides and still sets the standard for theme park entertainment with its 3-D film and live special effect such as fire and water it is one of the very best rides around

It is still a very busy ride and you need to choose your times to choose this ride very carefully the best time is mid to late afternoon a tip would be to enter the doors to the ride when the X Men arrive on there quads as many of the kids want to see the X Men and get autographs etc, this leaves the entrance a little less busy if only for a few minutes

Once again you are entertained whilst you wind your way through the queue with characters from the Spiderman series in the offices of the Daily Bugle, soon you are ready to go out into the field as a roving reporter to get a scoop

As with many of the rides this is a very good motion based ride and you do get thrown about a little but don’t let that put you off it is well thought out and the story line keeps you fully engaged as if you were really in the world of comic book hero Spiderman

You will come up against some of the Marvel Comic Book Baddies that many of us my age will recognise having read the comics some 30- 40 years ago including the Evil Doctor Octopus

The animated 3-D film is superb like all the rides in Universal and the movement of the Rover vehicles really does make you feel like you are involved in the action but it is the addition of the live events that really bring you into the show

You will feel the blast of hot air from fire and you will get sprayed with a little water, nothing to serious but enough to make your senses feel really involved in this ride and the freefall sequence in the film really does make you feel like you are falling past building to the ground before being rescued by spider man

This ride set the standard for many other theme park experiences and rightly so, don’t miss this one or you will regret it

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