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This must be one of the most well liked rides in Hollywood Studios it has been around for a long time but with the resurgence of the Star Wars films of late it is once again popular with the kids, or if like me you were a kid when the first film came out then it will appeal to all Dads and Mums alike.

As this is a popular ride and its is close to the exit of the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular it can get very busy, if you arrive at a popular time its some times better to by pass the Indiana Jones show and head straight for the Star Tours ride.

People leaving the Indiana Jones show often lead directly into the Star Tour ride, taking the Start Tours ride first and then heading back after for the Indiana show can often work out better with less queuing. Even if there is no queue outside there can be a lengthy queue indoors but this is not a bad thing as you wind your way through a mechanised droid factory there are lots of small sets to keep you and more importantly the kids amused as you wait.

Its not long before you ready to aboard the Starspeeder which for the adults amongst us is a flight simulator, make sure that you are seated comfortably and you must be strapped in as you are about to take the flight of your life

Stand by for take off! ! ! Soon you are on your way with you pilot droid R2D2, as with all things that R2D2 is involved in it doesn’t quite go as planned, right from the start you Starspeeder takes a very wrong turn on the way to the take off platform and you have to make some tight turns to avoid collisions.

But R2D2 is a great pilot of course and he soon finds an alternative way out of the mother craft and it’s not long before you are dodging asteroids at warp speed.

This is a great ride but be warned you do get thrown around quite a bit but this makes it all the more realistic, of course returning to base and landing safely are never as easy as it looks and with R2D2 at the helm you can be assured that a normal landing is not going to happen.

This ride is still one of the favourite rides in the park and rightly so if you yearn to be Luke Skywalker then this rides for you.

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