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One thing not often mentioned about Orlando is its proliferation of tasty treats. I have wasted a good amount of time sampling these – all in the name of research of course!

At the edge of Celebration and in the Florida Mall (and possibly elsewhere) is the Cold Stone Creamery. This is an ice cream parlour which has a huge array of flavours and toppings which the assistant then blends together on a cold stone slab. After selecting your flavour and topping you can then ask for it to be served in 3 sizes of cup or in a wafer cone. If the choice is too mind boggling you can choose from their list of specials. This is the best ice cream I have ever tasted and is always a first stop at the start of my holiday in Florida.

In Downtown Disney’s Market Place is a shop called Ghiradelli’s. This is another ice cream parlour which also sells “out of this world” chocolates. Here you take a menu and choose from the choices of ice cream sundaes. Most of these are so big that it is best to share one (they are served with 2 spoons). If you just want a single ice cream in a wafer cone you can just choose your flavour and it will be served up to you. Be warned though, 1 scoop is always 2 scoops, I don’t know why, maybe it is like happy hour in bars that last all night. In the chocolate section you can buy amazing gifts for friends. These chocolates are presented in beautiful boxes or cellophane wrappers. Their speciality is fruit such as blueberries coated in chocolate or all manner of flavoured squares of plain or milk chocolates.

In Downtown Disney’s West Side they have the Candy Cauldron (taken from the Snow White film). Here they specialise in apples. There are candy apples, chocolate apples and caramel apples. There are many other sweets like delicious fudge and enormous rice crispie cakes, but the apples are the main attraction.

Also in Downtown Disney is a snack bar called the Earl of Sandwich. They serve 13 different hot sandwiches like no other sandwiches you will have seen in the UK. The bread is a large baguette filled with things such as Steak, Blue Cheese, Ham and Salad or Turkey, Cranberry sauce, Cheese and Salad and many more. They also serve soups and salads and a few desserts.

Do try these, you will not be disappointed.

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