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If you have been park hopping all day you will bring home a big appetite when you return to your vacation villa.

So what to serve up to your hungry mob?

The easiest option is to pop into your nearest Publix or Walmart and order meals from the hot counter. Easy peasy and you just take it back, open the cartons and feast.

If there is a bbq in your villa then it is almost as easy to grab some meats and throw them on the bbq; while they are cooking just put together a salad and cut some french bread. Job done.

Of course American steaks are tender and juicy but fish is also nice and light and takes no time; ask for a firm fish that will not break up.

Corn on the cob is really juicy and tasty; soak in water for about an hour before hand.

A favourite of ours is to leave the bbq running and make this sinful dessert. Take some bananas (not too ripe) cut them lengthwise making sure you do not cut all the way through and stuff them with chocolate. Wrap them in foil and pop them on the barbie til the chocolate melts. Feeling really naughty? add some whipped double cream or vanilla ice cream.

Crack open some chilled beers and that is a feast fit for a king.

For those of you that plan ahead then load your freezer and fridge with easy cook options.

Baked potatoes look after themselves so they are a good idea; buy Idaho potatoes for the best taste and I usually put 2 smaller ones per person in order to get tham cooked quicker or start them off in the microwave.

Top tip; cook twice the amount of potatoes you need and the next night turn them into the best mashed potatoes you ever had. Simply heat some milk and butter in a non stick saucepans and when hot mash in the middle of your baked potato.

There are lots of easy cook options in the fridge and freezer sections of your local store so stock up so you are ready.

For pud buy a cake or ready made pie and you are set.

Some of my guests seem to buy throw away plates and dishes so they do not have to even load the dishwasher. However, if you all pitch in it only takes minutes.

Of course theeven easier option is to order a take out and there are usually several choices near your home. There will probably be some flyers in the villa.

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