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The Cat in the Hat in Seuss Landing at Islands of Adventures is great fun for old and young alike. On this ride you sit on your brightly coloured, six passenger ‘couch’ and are transported through the pages of one of the most famous children’s books - The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss.

As I know this book very well, I was doubtful that a theme-park ride could recreate it, but this one manages to do it brilliantly. The book is daft and zany and ridiculous, with a larger than life Cat (in a Hat) who comes to visit the two children when their mother goes out and causes mayhem and havoc in their house. That whole idea comes across very well on this attraction. The drawings in the book are in a very distinctive style, but even this translates well.

The ride faithfully recreates the famous book. The commentary you hear as you go round is actually the words from the story. Animatronics are used to set all the scenes and to keep the action going, and the lighting and sound effects really add to the atmosphere.Everything from the book is here – The Cat (obviously), Thing One and Thing Two who join in with the chaos and the goldfish in its bowl, which is the voice of reason, and tries to calm everything down when it warns the children that their mother is about to return. The whole mad story is laid before you as you travel along.

The vehicles (couches) are able to spin on an axis, and sometimes they do it rather quickly. First you are looking at one scene from the book then, quick as a flash you twirl and whirl round and the next scene is laid before you. Some of the spins can be a bit disorientating, and young children should perhaps be warned beforehand. If you are particularly prone to dizziness you might want to give this ride a miss.

If you haven’t already read the book, or seen the film, then you will still enjoy this delightful attraction. This ride is easy to spot, as the entrance is under the huge red and white cat’s hat, which dominates the Seuss Landing area. While you are queuing up, keep your eye on the far wall, as little sayings appear on it every so often. It may seem, at first glance, like a children’s ride, but there are enough twists and turns to make it exciting for adults too.

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