What’s so great about Universal Studios? Islands of Adventure 5

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What’s so great about Universal Studios? Islands of Adventure 5

In the last part we ended in the very wet area of Toon Lagoon a great place to visit when it’s really hot , get yourself wet and cool down and if you go on any of the rides you will get wet definitely.

The next area we enter is Jurassic Park and the first ride we encounter is the Pteranodon Flyers this Is a gentle ride that suspends rider beneath a flying reptile a Pterandon which is thought to be a very early ancestor to our birds.

This gentle coaster ride glides gently over Camp Jurassic play area allowing having a bird’s eye view of everything that’s going on within the camp; this is a great ride to take the kids on as it’s much more relaxing for children and parents that are nervous of some of the bigger rides that can throw you about, but its not for adults alone, you must ride with a child.

Camp Jurassic is a playground for the kids they can wander through the secret caves and amber mines to discover fossils and jewels it’s a good area to let the kids blow off a bit of steam, there are capture nets to climb, suspension bridges to cross and slides to slide down a great way to run off some of that energy that all kids seem to have in abundance.

Next it’s onto the Jurassic Park River Adventure, this is a fun fuelled raft ride through the jungles of Jurassic Park, but beware of the T Rex and his carnivore friends because they are hungry and you’re on the menu. You ride a raft on the river in the jungle and see the dinosaurs in their natural environment suddenly there’s an accident and you’re bumped off the normal route and shunted into the raptor containment area.

The power goes down and the electric containment fences stop working and the raptors escape the lights go out and the raptors start to hunt their prey…… you! You can’t always see them but you can hear them close by some times so close you can feel their breath on the back of your neck and the only way to escape them is the jaws of a huge terrifying T Rex and an 85 foot drop in total darkness
This has to be the best ride in Jurassic park but as with many rides you are probably going to get wet, the clue is when you get into the barge, is the seat wet? if it is then get ready for a soaking!

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