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The Flying Unicorn in the Lost Continent at Islands of Adventure is tucked away in a far corner near Duelling Dragons. It is a roller coaster that is really intended as a children’s ride (it is classed as a ‘Junior Coaster’), although you must be at least 36” tall to ride on it, but is a very good introduction to roller coasters for bigger people who are wimps, or for those who feel fairly brave, but would not like to commit themselves to some of the longer coasters. It is situated just beside Duelling Dragons, so is a very good option for anyone who is waiting for the more fearless members of their party to go and try out something that is a little less extreme!

When you arrive at the ride you will first have to take a walk through the very charming Enchanted Forest – which is full of gnarled and stunted trees and is surrounded by a fence made of twisted iron and crooked wood - to get to the warm and comforting shack where you board one of the two flying unicorns. The forest really helps to set the scene, but don’t pass through the queuing area too quickly or you will miss the opportunity to read the various signs which tell the story of how a wizard found a baby unicorn, and how it came to shed its horn. The story tells you how the wizard then used this horn to create the ride you are about to take.

Perhaps I should explain that these flying unicorns are not at all like the cute and cuddly ones that you often see in cartoons, or books, with beautiful flowing manes, or with glitter sprinkled on them to make them sparkle in the sun….these are battle-ready unicorns, and they are wearing protective armour.

Once you board your unicorn and pull down the lap bar, you are taken off on a slow climb up the hill to the first drop. After that there are a series of dips and turns as you ‘fly’ around the treetops. The maximum height off the ground of this ride is 40 feet and it reaches a top speed of 23 miles per hour. The ride only lasts for about a minute, as it is very short, but this is long enough for anyone who wants to try out a roller coaster for the first time! Riders between 36” and 48” tall must be accompanied by an adult.

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