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There are two Rainforest Cafes in the Orlando area, both of which are on Disney property. The first one is in Downtown Disney and the best way to find it is to look for the erupting volcano – it is very hard to miss! The second is at the entrance to Animal Kingdom.

As you approach The Rainforest Cafe you will see some of their staff standing at a podium. This is just not any old podium but it is in the shape of an elephant. This is where you will give your name and the number in your party. If it is not busy you will be directed to the entrance to the restaurant. If there is a wait you will be asked to browse around the shop and will be called when your table is ready. Listen carefully for your name “Safari of 4 for the Leach party! ” This is when the fun begins.

You could be seated in the elephant section or the gorilla section of the restaurant. Each separate area is complete with either gorilla or elephant animatronics. As the name “The Rainforest Café” suggests, the restaurant is set in a simulated rainforest with tropical birds, waterfalls, large fluttering butterflies, the sounds and scents of the rainforest with thunder and lightening at regular intervals. When the sky starts to darken you will know that a thunderstorm is only seconds away. Such a great atmosphere, a brilliantly unique experience, and on top of that, a mouth-watering menu that makes you want to go “wild” and order everything!

The menu is extensive and the portions are quite large. We tend to order a main meal between the two of us. The servers don’t mind one bit when we ask can we share. This way it means that we both have plenty of room left for a dessert. One very special dessert is called a Volcano. If anybody orders one, the whole of the restaurant get to know about it as the waiter will run out of the kitchen shouting “VOLCANO! ”

If you are looking for a quiet restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere for your meal, you should perhaps give this one a miss. There are plenty of children and what with thunderstorms every thirty minutes and elephants trumpeting it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But if you want a bit of adventure and some entertainment during your meal this could be right up your street.

On your way out, if you didn’t have chance to look around before your meal, be sure to check out the shop and their “wild” collection of souvenirs.

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