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Universal’s Islands of Adventure is a fantastic theme park made up of “five islands”.

When you first enter the park if you head left the first Island you come to is “Marvel Super Hero Island” which is more suitable to older children as the rides are that bit bigger and faster. Our favourite ride is “The Amazing Adventure’s of Spider-Man” – infact we enjoyed it so much we went on it three rimes in a row! You have to wear 3D glasses, and the whole ride is one exciting ride through Spider-Man’s comic book city where our hero fights the evil Super Baddies in a huge battle of good versus evil! When you come off the ride there is a chance for you to meet Spider-man himself and have an official photograph taken with him which is set up as a newspaper article in which you are featured alongside Spider-Man himself as his invaluable assistant who helped him to save the world! Expensive, but well worth the money if you have a child who loves Spider-Man.

Other rides in Marvel Super Hero Island are “The Incredible Hulk Coaster” which is definitely not for the faint hearted. It is an enormous roller coaster which twists and turns, goes upside down and plummets to the ground at top speeds – you wouldn’t believe the amount of sunglasses and caps which flirt off riders and all end up in a huge net to be collected who knows when!

“Doctor Doom’s Fear Fall” is another ride for those with strong stomachs. You are seated and strapped in on one of the two towers and then suddenly you shoot 150 feet into the air at top speed and then hurtle down to the ground at the same speed. Don’t go on this ride if you suffer from motion sickness!

There is also “Storm Force Accelatron” which is in effect a waltzer style ride loosely based on “X-Men”.

The next Island along is our personal favourite “Toon Lagoon” which features two of the Parks water rides and believe me you will get SOAKED! ! !

“Dudley Do Rights Rip-Saw Falls” is the best log flume ride I have ever been on! There are twists and turn and little falls which all lead to a gigantic 75 foot drop at the end – there is no escaping the fact that you will be utterly drenched. After you have been on this ride head over to “Pop-Eye and Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges” which is a fun filled white water raft ride which splashes you at every turn. Luckily on this ride there is a section in the middle of the raft where you can stow your bags etc. . and they will stay dry – you certainly won’t! A little tip for you – take dry clothes with you, yes even underwear, as you will need to get changed after these two rides or else walk around dripping wet until the sun dries you off!

You also get the chance to see Pop-Eyes ship “The Olive” which has little interactive games for your children to play with. They can also fire water cannons at unsuspecting riders on the “Bilge-Rat Barges”! Great fun!

There are little Universal shops selling their merchandise, and plenty of little food stalls where you can get a snack or a much needed drink dotted all around the place although the drinks are quite expensive so you might want to take some of your own with you.

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