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In part one we visited Despicable Me Minion Mayhem and for the brave Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket but what next? Well it just has to be Shrek 4D this is one show not to be missed especially if like me you’re a big fan of the original movie.

There all the favourite characters Shrek, donkey princess Fiona Lord Farquaad in a ghostly form, Princess Fiona is kidnapped by Farquaad and Shrek and Donkey fight to rescue her including a gallop through a haunted forest, ride on a fire breathing dragons back and plunging over a waterfall all coupled with a humorous script this show is a great deal of fun and works even better with the 4D imagery
The next show we come to is Twister. Now some years ago now Twister was a film that was a big box office hit and used a lot of ground breaking special effects as it tells the story of a group of Storm chasers who study tornados and this is what the show Twister is based on.

You are in a stand overlooking the little sleepy town as the storm approaches you can feel the force of the winds as they approach tornado strength, the sound, the rain battering the town and the damage that the storm causes I think this is a great ride you feel as if you’re in the middle of a real storm and oh did I mention you may get wet!

Next its roller coaster time with Revenge of the Mummy! A ground breaking roller coaster unlike any other you have ridden before, loosely based on the revenge of the mummy Films the Mummy awakens and you are in the chase of your life! You plunge in total darkness, with fireballs, scarab beetles and a hoard of Mummy Warriors attacking you on either side. Can you escape the mummy and avoid the curse of Imhotep and avoid being entombed inside for ever? The Revenge of the Mummy is a truly a great roller coaster ride set inside a huge building.

I am not a particular fan of roller coasters probably because putting it simply they scare me which always give my family a great laugh as it’s a constant joke to ask dad does he want to come on the roller coaster with the kids, but I am told that those in the know the Revenge of the Mummy is not one to be missed.

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