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We all knew that something big was about to happen to the Harry Potter park but what was it? We have been speculating for a year or so, ever since they announced the closure of Jaws. Had to have something to do with Potter, didn' t it?

(And while we we are at it, a big, sentimental aahh for Jaws)

Well, finally, the people at Universal Studios have started to let us into the secret and it all sounds great!

The new attraction is to be called Diagon Alley and it is due to open in 2014.

The most exciting thing about this new part of the Universal is that it spans both parks. . . yes really! Can you imagine the thrill of travelling from one park to the other by the train.

And I have given away another of the secrets. We have long thought how wasted The Hogwarts Express was and finally it is coming into its own. Riders will be going down to the vault to re create the adventure Harry had in both the book and the film.

The Gringotts Bank will house shops, restaurants and what they describe mysteriously as a marquee attraction (live show maybe? )

The fascia being erected along the perimeter of the new park will have London scenes to hide the ride from the rest of the park.

You may be surprised to learn that the original Harry Potter part of the park was completed 3 years ago and was an immediate huge success. The queues still build up very fast at the start of the day and I guess this new innovative part of the park will excaserbate things.

My advice is always to arrive at the park before they open and make straight for Harry Potter section and queue first for the ride and then for the wand shop and then the twin roller coasters.

The theming of Harry Potter was so awesome that we can only expect that this new part will exceed even that.
Do you want to take a guess at how many copies of Harry Potter books have been sold? I do not think that in your wildest dreams you will get near the correct answer that currently stands at 450 million.

The Harry Potter park is included in your entry for Islands of Adventure. The best place to get your Universal tickets by using the link at the top of the page.

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