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If you want fine dining – go to France. If you want really good steaks – go to America.

If you want really good steaks at a really good price – go to Orlando.

Some of the best restaurants for excellent steaks and other good food do not look like the sort of place you would normally frequent. But, this is Florida, almost the deep south. The restaurants here often have a western theme – wild west that is.

They have cowboy memorabilia on the walls and some have sawdust or peanut shells on the floor. This is for no other reason than ambiance. They are taking you back to a time of the Wild, Wild West. Some of them welcome you with a bucket of peanuts in their shells and tell you to throw the shells on the floor, no French bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar here!

In these restaurants you can expect to pay between $10. 99 and $15. 99 for a steak dinner depending on the size of your steak. They usually start around 10ozs and go right up to 32ozs. Unlike here in the UK, where just the meat is priced and the vegetables are extra. Your steak dinner will include, bread rolls and butter, a salad of your choice with a dressing of your choice, baked potato, sweet potato or fries and a vegetable – usually broccoli. If you stick to soft drinks or coffee you just pay for one and the rest of the top ups are free (and they top them up the minute you have got half way through).

Apart from these, there are restaurants that feature mainly shell fish, like the Red Lobster or the Boston Lobster: Italian restaurants such as the Olive Garden or Carrabus are very good deals and there are several Chinese buffet all-you-can-eat restaurants which only charge $10. 99 per head. The usual fast food outlets are less than you would pay in the UK as are the pizza restaurants. If you think of any price in the UK then it will be the same in dollars. For example, a burger at McDonalds which is 99 pence in the UK will be 99 cents in Florida.

There are three American chains that specialise in all American food (a bit bland for my taste) called Dan Perkins, Bob Evans and Crackerbarrel. Dan Perkins and Bob Evans specialise in dessert pies and even make special orders of whole pies for you to take away.

So you do not have to spend a fortune to eat well in Orlando.

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