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As villa owners our guests often ask us what are the ‘must do’ attractions at each of the parks. Obviously this does depend on the age and make up of your party however these are our ‘must do’ rides and attractions at Disney’s Epcot.

Mission Space
This is an interactive thrill ride that has you blasting off into space.
Each team member has a role to play on your space mission, so listen carefully or you may not make it back to Earth!
Whatever you do keep your eyes firmly fixed on the screen as this helps to prevent motion sickness!
The Disney cast members keep reminding you that you still have time to exit the ride, right up until they close the doors! I found this quite off putting but was absolutely fine on the ride.
As you exit this ride there is also the Mission Space Advanced Training lab, where two teams of budding astronauts are pitted against each other in a race to see who can be the first team back to the Space Station.

Test Track
As the name implies this ride aims to show just what tests a vehicle is put through before it’s made available to the public, but of course there is a little twist and all of a sudden you find yourself very pleased you are wearing your seatbelt!

This is the newest ride at Epcot. Imagine hang gliding over California with views of Yosemite, the Golden Gate Bridge and the giant redwood forests, these are just a few of the wondrous sights that await you on Soarin’

Spaceship Earth
Everybody associates the giant silver golf ball with Epcot. This is a really peaceful and relaxing ride that takes you inside the giant 180ft geoshere to explore the story of human communication past, present and future.

Honey I Shrunk the Audience
Professor Wayne Szalinski accidentally turns his wonderful invention on the unsuspecting audience and hey presto you’ve been shrunk! This is a wonderful 3D show that is perfect for all the family.

Whilst all the countries featured in the World Showcase are worthy of a visit our favourites for rides and entertainment are;
Norway for the Maelstrom ride, watch out for polar bears and pirates as your boat ride takes you to explore the heritage of Norway, and in true Disney style there is a little drama to be had on these high seas!

Mexico is also a must for the wonderfully relaxing and very colourful EL Rio del Tiempo, River of Time. It’s very different to Maelstrom but a lovely way to while 10 minutes or so.

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