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If you have ever visited Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida you will, I am sure, have been impressed by the wonderful landscaping which you see everywhere. Our favourite park has to be Epcot which has some wonderful floral displays, particularly during its annual Flower festival. In fact, the largest bed is located at The Land at Epcot, and it measures 20, 000 square feet. To fill this enormous bed takes up to 20, 000 seasonal plants, but the effect is stunning.

But did you know that nearly 12 percent of the Walt Disney World Resort property is devoted to gardens and maintained landscaped? This is equivalent to nearly 3, 000 football fields, or approximately 4, 000 acres.

We love the hanging baskets that we see all around, but these actually have to be planned a year in advance so that they match in with the theming. They usually take at least three months to produce, and each basket grows to three feet in diameter, weighing over sixty five pounds. At any one time there may be up to 800 hanging baskets on display.

There are usually large numbers of beautiful roses blooming in the parks, but did you know that to dead head these takes at least a day a week, or over four hundred hours a year? With nearly 13, 000 roses this is a huge undertaking – but we have often commented on the fact that you rarely see a dead bloom. Now, of course, we know why.

One of the most fascinating facts about Animal Kingdom is that of course, the African savannah was designed for the animals to munch the various shrubs, plants and bushes. So why doesn’t it look nibbled and bare? Well of course, that is because Disney has a 94 acre ‘browse farm’ where plants are produced to replace the natural forage such as acacia, mulberry, hibiscus and other shrubs. They truly think of everything.

But it is not just outside where the landscapers work their magic, planting around 6, 000 trees each year, but inside these horticulturists produce 8, 500 plants for indoor displays.

The parks and areas of Disney World Resort are home to more than 2, 500 plant species, which represent flora from all over the United States and the world. Indeed, flora from 50 other nations, and from every continent apart from Antarctica, are also represented.

The planting at Walt Disney World Resort is a joy to behold, and one which brings immense pleasure to visitors through every season of the year.

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