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This was one of the first stunt shows that we watched upon our first visit to Disney many many years ago, although it’s been around for quite a few years now it is still very popular and rightly so. Almost everyone of any age group must by now have seen at least one if not all of the Indiana Jones films and so if you have you will identify with the plot, especially if you have seen the first film as the scenes used in the show are taken directly from this film.

First up we see Indiana running from the huge boulder down a slope as he manages to escape this he jumps out onto the stage floor where some big poles shoot up through the ground which he has to dodge and next he dodges shooting flames coming from holes in the floor a spectacular and HOT start to the show

Next is the introduction Indy (Indiana) and Marion needs some extras and ask for volunteers from the audience, of course there are lots and lots of willing volunteers or should that be lambs to the slaughter ! ! !

After the volunteers are chosen they are introduced to the audience and at least 2 of them prove to be more than a little extrovert! They are led away for wardrobe, they re- appear in a Arabian bizarre and it’s not long before they are literally taking part in the action.

There are some great acrobatics in this scene as Indy and Marion climb up to the roof tops being chased by a group of sword wielding acrobats, this is really good stuff as Indy and the acrobats battle it out with several acrobats falling from the roof top, this is a great sequence ending with Marion being kidnapped and a German lorry crashing and bursting into flames.

For the finally we find Indy rescuing Marion only to have no way of escape, he chooses to try and steel a German plane, yes that right there is a plane on the set of this show and if you remember the film Indy has to fist fight a big German sergeant who was played by the late Pat Roach in the film. As they fight the planes wheel chock becomes loose and the planes swivels around in a circle, Indy and the huge guy trade blows and narrowly avoid the propellers, this continues until the guards luck runs out!

Next another guard opens up his machine gun and a trail of petrol runs from the tanker lorry to the plane and it’s not long before there is a huge explosion and the tanker burst into flames, this is a biggie and you really can feel the heat from this one, of course Indy and Marion arrive unscathed.

This show is old but it’s still one of the best and is not to be missed on your many revisits to Disney Hollywood Studios, we have seen it several times, and still enjoy it.

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