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With the latest Star Wars release (the Force Awakens) being released in cinemas, Disney are keen to push the Star Wars brand as much as they can (not that they really need to push it all that hard! ). Until the new Star Wars Zone is built at Magic Kingdom, people will have to make do with Star Tours at Disney Hollywood Studios. Star Tours area is located at the back of Hollywood Studios and Is based on a space port offering transportation to other galaxies.

The theme of the area is very well done and gives the feel you are on the forest moon of Endor. Outside is a large AT-AT which offers plenty of shade when you are queuing up for the ride. While waiting there are many artefacts that are in tune to the films and this continues inside. As a general rule wait times for the ride can vary from 30 – 90 minutes depending on the time of year. Like most Disney rides there is a fastpass option that can be used and this is well recommended if the park is very busy. If you don’t want to use the fastpass option (because you want to use it for another ride), the other option is to wait until one of the bigger shows starts (Indiana Jones or Lights, Motors Action) as the queues will be much shorter.

While waiting for the ride (probably every 30-45 minutes) there are the Jedi training academies that take place to the left of the main entrance. Here the young ones can learn the ways of the force and take part in a Jedi training academy run by the jedi Council. Here they will learn how to use the light saber. They will take all they learn into a potential fight at the end against the one and only Darth Vader! !
The ride itself is based on a simulator ride that makes you feel like you are flying through space to far away galaxies. Due to the setup of the ride each time you take off you can go into 20 different scenarios (that are purely random). All scenes are taken from the movies and make you feel like you are fully immersed in the action. One scenario you are doing a trench run on the Death Star, the next you are in a speeder chase on Endor. Each time you ride you could be faced with a different scenario.

What I really like about this ride is the fact Disney have renewed the footage and made it HD quality, they have updated the scenarios to take into consideration the new films and also involve characters from the original films, this in my view makes true Star Wars fans very happy people.

Overall if you can get past the fact the queues can be very long and during peak periods can be in excess of 90 minutes, the ride really is very good for a simulator ride. My advice would be to head over to it at the very start of the day (as soon as the part opens), wait for a show to start or use the Fastpass option. This way you won’t wait anywhere near 90 minutes, even in summer peak periods.

For those that really like star wars, we are all waiting for the start of the new Star Wars area at Magic Kingdom to be built. For those that are interested there is plenty of information on the internet already about this exciting new area.

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