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Epcot’s newest attraction, Soarin’, opened in May 2005 but is still hugely popular and attracts large numbers of visitors to it’s location inside The Land pavilion. There is always a line for this ride, even early in the day there is often in excess of a 60 or 70 minute wait. Due to it’s popularity fast passes are available, but even they run out early in the day and you will often find that your allotted fast pass time is up to four or more hours ahead. If you are not spending this length of time in the park or you cannot afford to wait four hours, your only option is to wait in line.

The Disney Imagineers have tried hard to make the wait more enjoyable by erecting huge screens on which, courtesy of infra red technology, interactive games can be played as a group and you will often find large numbers of people jumping, clapping, or waving their arms in unison as they participate in the games which have a team element.

As you approach the ride itself, the tannoy announcements create the idea that you are boarding a flight, in this case flight number 5505 (a nod to the day the ride opened). It gives clear instructions on how to line up for the ride and what to do with your shoes and belongings whilst riding Soarin’.

You will be directed by a cast member, suitably decked out in s flight attendants uniform, to board the ride in three lines, try for line one if at all possible (more about the reason why later on ! )

There are two ride vehicles which consist of three rows of seats with a canopy over the top, intended to resemble the canopy of a hang glider.

All loose items are placed in baskets under the seats or on the floor in front of you, don’t forget to remove flip flops and loose fitting shoes. When you are seated you will be asked to fasten your lap strap which is a simple slot in connection from left to right, with a small adaptation for youngsters. When all the safety checks have been completed the canopy above will lower slightly and the ride vehicle is lifted for ward and in to the air and this is where being on row one has the advantage as on rows two or three, if looking up you can see the legs and feet of the people in the in the rows in front which somewhat spoils the illusion. Also looking across to the left or right has the same effect as you can see the other vehicles on the ride.

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