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Antartica-Empire of the Penguins is a brand new ride at Seaworld that has literally just opened. Seaworld is often overlooked in favour of it' s bigger and brasher neighbours but a lot of my guests vote it their favourite and I am inclined to agree.

So what can you expect from this ride? well, it is a familyorientated ride that takes you all the way to the South Pole where you will encounter the hero of the ride who is a gentoo penguin named Puck.

You ride in a mobile simulator which will bring this frosty part of the world magically to life. There is a choice of 2 different adventures to experience and the ride utilises all the latest imagineering and cutting edge technology. I often wonder what the theme parks can possibly think of next but they always manage to top each other.

For the first year or so, this area will be very popular and the advice is to go really early and make straight for this ride. Later on in the day, the crowds may have subsided enough to try experience 2.

Timing is all when a park opens a new ride and I have known a 2 hour wait in the first year os a ride premiering.

When you complete this ride, you will be thrilled by what greets you at the end. You will get to be up close and personal with hundreds of real life penguins; in fact, the most different varities to be found in one place. What a thrill and almost better than the ride itself.

This is a whole new area so apart from the ride, there is a cutting edge drinks station sponsored by coca cola; a gift shop stuffed with arctic influenced merchandise and a food court style cafe with food from 3 contrasting nations.

I would plan your lunch break around this area to gain the whole experience. Then, of course, you will want to buy a Puck, the hero of this new ride.

If you have missed out Seaworld before, you will not want to miss it this time and the absolute best place to purchase these and all theme park tickets is by using the link at the top of the page.

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