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If you are starting to wilt from all the walking round The Magic Kingdom in Disney World, it is always a good idea to stop for a break at a café or snack point for an ice cream or a box of pop corn.

Alternatively, why not go to one of the many shows that allow you sit down for a while and watch the entertainment.

One of the best of these is The Country Bears Jamboree in Frontier Land opposite Tom Sawyer’s Island. Take a seat and wait with two wall mounted Moose for the show to begin. The first thing you will hear is one of the moose saying to the other, “When’s this show going to start? ”

From here on in reality takes a break!

The curtain rises and you will be welcomed by a huge grizzly bear dressed in a top hat introducing you to the band. This is a motley crew of bears dressed as old time western “Good Ol’ boys” in blue denim overalls with bib fronts and battered hats. One blows into a “Mason Jar”, another plays a double bass made of a broom and one piece of string and of course one plays the washboard. One of the straggliest bears, who is cross eyed, plays a badly home made fiddle and they are all accompanied by a bear on the piano. The cutest part of the band is a very small bear sitting at the front of the stage holding a teddy bear; his feet are swinging in time to the music and as each song ends he squeezes the teddy bear which squeaks. Adorable.

Each of the acts is introduced and they all sing a short song; there are the three “lady” bears who sing “All the guys who turn me on turn me down”, a bear with a Davy Crocket hat who sings Davy Crocket while a small possum pops out of his hat every so often. The old favourite is Big Al. A very fat bear who is supposed to represent Johnny Cash I think. He sings “There was blood on the saddle and blood all around” in a very slow deep voice. He is quite a character.

Then there is Miss Sophie who is supposed to be a representation of Sophie Tucker. She is huge! She sings a heart breaking song called “Tears will be the water in my wine”.

From the ceiling, a bear sitting in a flowery swing comes slowly down to sing and is then pulled back up to the ceiling saying “You come up and see me some time”

For the finale, the band comes back and is joined on stage by all the bears.

Then back to reality – and back onto your feet.

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