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This ride in the Magic Kingdom is like no other ghost train you have ever been on. Forget rickety tracks, wailing ghosts and spiders on strings this is the real deal.

Outside is a glass coffin with a skeleton horse to pull it and attendants in period costume all with make-up on to make them look dead. They will never smile but will lead you to the entrance through a grave yard. Do stop and read the inscriptions on the head stones, they are very funny. On busy days you have time to read these while you are waiting to go in. Once inside you will be told by a very deep voice to “move to the DEAD centre of the room”. Then the doors close and the lights go out (and small children start crying)!

You are then taken down in a lift and watch as the walls appear to stretch. Then the doors open and you walk through to your carriage. Again there are unsmiling attendants guiding you to your car on a moving walk way. Then the fun begins. You will be taken through a series of halls and corridors all the while looking at all sorts of creepy things, for example coffins with lids that keep being pushed up by skeletal hands, ghosts gliding by, doors that knock of their own accord and figures of ghosts with their heads underneath their arms. Everything in here is light hearted and amusing so should not be too scary for youngsters as long as they don’t mind the slight darkness – it is not pitch black.

Further along the track you will see ghosts enjoying a feast and grand ball all done by holograms. Keep an eye open on the long dining table are any of the plates a]and platters arranged to represent Mickey Mouse's head and ears. If so then you have spotted what is known as a 'Hidden Mickey' there are a number throughout all the Disney parks or soI am told. Then you arrive at a glass globe with the head of a lady telling you about ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night. This takes you to a graveyard where all the spooks are having a party and singing and laughing and some of the busts of the departed are singing in a choir. At the end of the graveyard you enter some long corridors and see at the end of each one a ghost floating by.

Near the end you will pass by some mirrors where you can see yourself and a voice will tell you to beware of hitch hiking ghosts, and then one will 'magically' appear as a ghostly presence in the car beside you. They tell you that they have 999 ghosts but they always have room for one more!

Near the end of the ride an ethereal ghost lady in a tattered wedding gown blowing in the wind says in a sing-song voice “ you’ll be back”

It is all really jolly good fun and not at all frightening, so do give it a try.

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