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Disney legend tells the tale of a freak winter storm that dropped snow all over the western side of the WDW resort! And as temperatures soared back the usual Orlando temps and the snow began to melt, great slides etc were made and so Blizzard Beach was created!  It’s a fun-packed ski resort in the middle of the Sunshine State.

You can see Summit Plummet, it’s huge freefall slide from many routes as you approach the Disney parks.

The kids love this park with the tattooing, hair braiding, doughnuts and generally great atmosphere and wonderful rides.  Again take your refillable drinks bottles and pay $5 to refill with “soda” all day – they have now created a barcode system so queuing at the food counters is no longer necessary.

Plenty of sunbathing spots and loads to do as with Typhoon Lagoon.  Teenagers enjoy this park too as there are some breathtaking slides to contend with.

A few shops and adequate amount of food counters with burgers, hotdogs, chicken, pizza etc.  Not wide choice but great cheap food.  Also two bars here – don’t forget your ID.


Mt Gushmore

Summit Plummet – 120ft freefall speed slide – the fastest and tallest in the world.  You travel straight down it at 60mph into water at the bottom – 48” height requirement.   Have been told it is exhilarating but personally I couldn’t even manage to get up to the top as terrified of heights and then I could definitely not come down.

Teamboat Springs

Family white-water raft which three to five people can get into, great fun – you will get wet flying down the 1200sqft waterfall.

Toboggan Racer

8 lane water slide down lots of dips – brilliant!!  You can race each other.

Downhill Double Dipper

48” again!  Only 25mph so I did this one – once!!

Slush Gusher

48” again!  90ft slide over two humps.  Can’t comment!  But I think the looks on the people’s faces as they came off says that it was a good one.

Snow Stormers

Three flumes –go from the top of the mountain and then back through slalom gates – fab ride (did it many times).

Runoff Rapids

Usual water park inner-tube ride – great fun – one of the slides is in the dark!  Again did this one many times as can go three different ways.

Chair Lift

Great to see park but not for me but always busy.

Mt Gushmore

Smaller version (safer!!)

Tike’s Peak

Only under 4ft allowed – take the little ones and you can sunbathe and watch them play on the slides and in the fountains.


Wave pool with melting snow waterfalls into it.

Cross Country Creek

My favourite – a float around the edge of the park – hate the “melting ice” dropping from overhead though!  It’s freezing!  Fun for all the family on this leisurely ride.

Typhoon Lagoon still my favourite but warm to this park each time we go – the kids enjoy it too.  Good day out, get there early, stay til 3ish, back to villa and then off to a parade – my idea of heaven!

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