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It’s been quite a while since we have tried a new show in the Orlando area so we were really excited to give the new Universal Blue Man Group show a try. We felt it would be a bit intense for our 3 year old-but we did take in our 10 week old baby and he was fine.

As we didn’t know too much about the show-we just went for the cheapest seat options at $60 and that was a good choice-we were about half way up the auditorium and could see perfectly well.

First of all-I would like to say that I enjoyed the show but Cirque du Soleil it wasn’t. In fact there is no comparison to the glorious spectacle that Cirque is-the costumes and the artistry and skill are in a class of their own-so please don’t go thinking that you are going to see something similar you will be very disappointed.

There were some lovely moments in this show. The music from a rock band was first class and I won’t spoil the ending of the show by telling you what happens-but it was different and really great fun.

For most of the performance there is only the three actors on the stage-and they rely heavily on mime, to get their message across. There are some quite funny moments, sometimes a few intimidating moments (although nothing too serious) but at times I felt the show dragged a bit.

I don’t know about you –but I don’t particularly care for a show that relies quite heavily on audience participation and I just felt that this show did it a bit too much and when I am paying $60-$70 for a ticket I want to see a show and not audience members being set up and providing the entertainment-so I am afraid that that did not sit too well with me.

I liked the idea of it-it’s new and different and the hard rock music really gives it an edgy feel-but to me it was more a small stage show-something that may have been ‘on the fringe’ at Edinburgh and not one that really translates well into the big theatre where the performance is held. I think for that to happen they need to bring in a lot more actors and really push the boundaries a bit more.

I love ‘Cirque’ –I have seen the show 3 times already-but as for Blue Man Group-the only way I would go back to see it again as I said to my daughter who accompanied me-is if they brought the ticket price down to $25.

I hope my article about the show generates a few comments from other people who have seen the show as I would love to know if they feel the same.

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