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To get to see all the characters you’ve got to on the monorail or the ferry!

There are lots of different kinds of rides. Thunder Mountain is really fun if you like to go a little bit fast. Splash Mountain is really fun, you ride in a boat and you get really wet. Buzz Lightyear is the best ride ever. It seats two with guns each and there are some baddies and you’ve got to shot them. There is a little screen, which tells you how many points you’ve scored. Space Mountain is really, really scary so I didn’t go on!!!!

There are lots of different kinds of nice restaurants. After lunch we went through a type of cave with lots of water fountains, where we played and got wet, then through another cave where Aerial, The Little Mermaid was waiting. She was beautiful and we had our photo taken.

In the evening we saw Tinkerbell fly out of the castle and brilliant fireworks in all different colours. The show was really good.

You will love it there. It has everything that you want. Your children will love it just like me.

The end of that park but there was some more.

My Trip to Sea World

The first thing I did was watch a show with dolphins and Shamu. Shamu had a baby. During the show, two dolphins were meant to jump over a rope but one of them pulled it down and then they jumped over it. It was very funny. The dolphins are really nice. There is a pool where you can feed them and touch them, if you are lucky, and watch them to fun things in the water.

There was a show with a pirates ship, sailors and seals. A pirate came over and got my Dad to do something in the show.
He got splashed by the seal and had his photo taken with the pirate and seal.

We went on the ride that takes you up really high and you can see all over the park. You could even see Discovery Cove.
Mum said we could go there when our baby sister is older.

There were some people who dived down in a pool to get oysters. When they got one they all shouted, Upa, Upa Oysters!! It looked fun.

I enjoyed my day but want to go back next time and do it all again.

Megan, age 7.

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