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Taking a central position in the Marketplace area of Downtown Disney lies one of the best snack options on property: The Earl Of Sandwich. Like its spiritual relatives such as Kona Café (The Polynesian), The Royal Anandapur Tea Company (Animal Kingdom) and Beaches and Cream (Beach Club) it takes a potentially mundane concept and turns it into a special event celebrating it’s own simplicity and outstanding execution.

The Earl of Sandwich sells sandwiches. More than that, it sells really, really good sandwiches. Sandwiches that are worth shouting about and sandwiches that make you say aloud “Boy, sandwiches are great, aren’t they”. A concept that’s noted in the café’s legend: “The Sandwich you’d make if your name was on it”.

Everything is made fresh to order – even the light toasting of the bread. A particular fan of roast beef sandwiches myself, I can assure you that the Original and Beef n Blue sandwiches contain the tastiest, creamiest roast beef I have ever tasted (and coming from a chap from Northern England that’s a lot of roast beef) and many of the other options are just as good: the “Scudetto” is a feast of cured Italian meats, the “Le Frenchy” contains carvary standard ham, and the “All American” is a combination of fascinating flavours.

The Breakfast sandwiches served before 11. 30 are less groundbreaking but all tasty and the Earl also serves salads which I have never tried but always look great when other people have them.

Maybe the Earl’s best quality in terms of its appeal to a family is that you can control the size of your portion. In an afternoon when Older Son and Husband can take a meal, but Younger Daughter and Grandma only want a light bite: that can be taken into consideration as the Earl is a great place for mixing and matching.

Finally as with so many things on Disney property there is the atmosphere. Decked out in a classy Burgundy, the seating area is roomy, there is a small shop selling British themed merchandise, a bookcase, a signed picture of Lady Di and Prince William and even a cricket bat adorning the wall.

One final point to be made about the Earl however is that the place is no secret. After 5 in the afternoon it is usually heaving with Disney Cast Members as well as tourists. The best time to take in the sandwiches is an early or late lunch – which is what I would recommend it for anyway.

Enjoy your sandwich. Or two.

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